Budget Systems: SF_PBCS User Guide

SF_PBCS, SF State's financial planning and analysis tool, supports our efforts to align resources to strategy. Navigate the links to the SF_PBCS pages below to become familiar with the various features of the budgeting system at SF State.

SF_PBCS User Guide

Special Note Regarding Data Snapshots

During the budget cycle, on specified deadlines, the Budget office will take snapshots of the data in SF_PBCS. We will always notify the cabinet budget officers of when we will be taking the snapshots. The snapshots allow for us to capture the data at a specific day/time. Any changes made after the snapshot is taken will not be included in that specific snapshot. You can view the snapshots by changing the Scenario dimension in SF_PBCS.

For example, a snapshot was taken on Friday 5/22/2020 at 1PM. The scenario is named: Bud_FY20_05292020.

The Scenario dimension can be changed on either the the P/L Budget Division Report  or the P/L Budget Division Report.

See Instructions below


Screenshot of SF_PBCS Budget Reports choices
  • Tap either the P/L Budget Report or the P/L Budget Division Report tab.
  • Change the Scenario by tapping the name of the current choice under the Scenario tab.


Screenshot of SF_PBCS Select a Member window
  • In the Select a Member window, tap Bud_Scenario from the Scenarios list.
  • Choose a snapshot from the list of Budget Scenario snapshots.
  • Tap OK.




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