Budget Process: Budget Timeline

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Budget Timeline

The SF State, University Budget Planning Cycle activities are tied to the budget processes of the CSU system and Governor's Budget.

Our Budget Planning Cycle

The three decision processes build on one another to combine into the campus budget. To learn more about the three interconnected timelines, visit our Budget Cycles web page — part of our Budget 1O1 series.

Circular representation of Budget office timeline comprised of nested and interlocked Governor, CSU and SFSU budget timelines

Fiscal Year 2021-22

November 2020

  • CSU Budget Request

December – February 2021

  • SFSU Campus Budget Framework- Campus Leadership
    • Enrollment scenarios –Enrollment Management and Institutional Analytics
    • Curriculum and classes scenarios (PT faculty pool) –Academic Resources
    • Budget assumptions – Budget Administration & Operations
      • State allocation and other campus mandatory fees adjustments
      • Direct- salary, benefits
      • Indirect-utilities, insurance, financial aid

January 2021

  • Governor's budget proposal

February 2021

  • Approved scenario for campus planning — CFO & President
  • SF State Campus Budget Planning memo from President & CFO
  • SF State Campus units develop Budget plans — Campus Planners

January – July 2021

  • CSU negotiates with State

March 2021

  • Governor/Legislature negotiations

April 2021

  • SF State begins budget meetings with Cabinets VP’s, CFO and President

May 2021

  • Governor's Budget Revision

May – June 2021

  • Governor signs final State Budget
  • SF State final revised scenario — Final B-memo — Budget Administration & Operations
  • SF State Working Budget approved and finalized — President and CFO

July 2021

  • CSU provides campus allocations
  • SF State Final Budget load in CFS — Budget Administration & Operations

August 2021

  • SF State uploads FIRMS Budget Submission to Chancellor's Office — Budget Administration & Operations

November 2020

January 2021

February 2021

March 2021

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021



Annual Budget Reports

Each year, as part of our mission to create and disseminate planning information, Budget Administration and Operations compiles the budget plan for the Operating and Capital Budgets. Visit our online archive of annual Budget Reports.




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