Budget Process: Operating Budget

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Operating Budget

The budget is an annual planning document for SF State. The budget allows the University to ensure a solid financial position for SF State to maintain its current service level, to prevent the extension of base operations beyond current revenue capacities, and to maximize the University's ability to respond to favorable variances.

Fiscal Year 2021-22

Operating Budget Planning Documents

Operating Budget Planning Schedule

time frames for tasks to develop the annual budget
February – March Publish Assumptions, Guidelines and Instructions March 15 BAO
Academic Resources
Budget Manual
Budget Assumptions
SF_PBCS Budget Planning Instructions
March HRMS Roster upload in SF_PBCS 1 – 2 days
March 29
BAO Upload of HRMS Roster in SF_PBCS in preparation for budget
Continually during the budget process Training and Q&A sessions March to May BAO These sessions will provide training to our Campus Budgeting Collaborators on the Fiscal Year 2021 – 2022 (FY21-22) budget process in SF_PBCS and clarify campus units' specific questions. To participate, enroll through our Qualtrics survey (link is external).
March – May Planning Units Budget Development 8 weeks Planning Units develop the budget and forecast Units review, update and present budgets to Dean/VP for approval. Dean/VP is ultimately responsible for ensuring the consolidated cabinet/division budget in SF_PBCS and the accuracy of submission, related to units’ strategy and goals.
Second week in April Cabinet FY21-22 Base Budget April 16 Cabinet
(Planning Units)
Divisions record known changes and commitments from FY20-21 that will impact FY21-22, and record divisions’ internal budget changes that have no net effect on the campus’s overall budget. (first snapshot).
Second week in May Cabinet FY21-22 new positions and adjustments May 14 Cabinet
(Planning Units)
Divisions record new positions approved by the President and account for any changes in total salaries for the division. (second snapshot).
Third week in May Budget due in SF_PBCS May 21 Cabinet
(Planning Units)
Divisions record budget adjustments for new, additive funding approved by the President for non-personnel expenditures. FY21-22 Operating Budget Planner Submission due in SF_PBCS (third snapshot).
May – June Base Budget Reviewed 2 – 3 weeks BAO Reviews submitted materials; follow-up with questions to Cabinets
May – June Meeting with the President and CFO by TBD Planning Units Business Managers and VPs meet with CFO and President VPs will present their budget plan for President’s review and approval. The process of new initiative requests at the cabinet level.
June Budget Decision Meetings July 1 Campus The cabinet decisions entered into SF_PBCS, and FY21-22 Operating Budgets get finalized. Upload the base budget by July 1, 2021, in the C.F.S. system.
June – July Multi-Year Plan Template 1 weeks after accounting month is closed BAO Multi-year plan template for G.F. units (C.Y. budget plan plus 2 yrs. Forecasted plan) & for Self-Supported Operations (C.Y. budget plan and 4yrs forecasted plan)
July Multi-Year Plan Template due 2 weeks Cabinets/Planners Multi-year budget template, narrative template, and reserve & carry-forward planning


Annual Budget Reports

Each year, as part of our mission to create and disseminate planning information, Budget Administration and Operations compiles the budget plan for the Operating and Capital Budgets. Visit our online archive of annual Budget Reports.




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