Budget Process: Campus Reserve

Navigate the links to the Budget Process pages below to become familiar with the various aspects of campus budgeting at SF State.

Campus Reserve

Reserve are a specific fund category recognized in the accounting system and generally used for self-supporting, auxiliary activities or campus-based student fees.

Campus Reserve Process

Review the Fiscal Year 2021–2022 year-end presentation slides for SF State campus instructions for carry-forward funds. Use the carry forward template to report planned obligations.

Year-End Carryforward and Reserve Training Sessions

We provide Year-End Carryforward and Reserve Training Sessions toward the end of the fiscal year. Enrollment is closed at this time. Sessions will be posted during the next financial review period. Check back again for the schedule.

CSU Reserve Policy

Visit the PolicyStat online database (link is external) for the ICSUAM 2000-reserve (PolicyStat ID: 8559140) to view the CSU Designated Balances and Reserves policy, procedures and guidelines,




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