FY 2014-15 General Fund Budget Plan Summary by Allocation of Resources

General Fund Summary
Budget Plan Summary 2014/15

Allocation of Resources by Sources of Funds

Sources of Funds Amount
General Fund Allocation  $131,532,859
Additional Allocation  $1,582,800
Tuition Fee  $151,750,363
Non-Resident Tuition  $15,800,000
Application Fee  $1,800,000
Continuing Education Summer & Academic Year Support  $6,044,641
Reimbursed Release Time  $2,988,751
Federal Workstudy & Insurance Reimbursements  $1,699,645
Other Fees and Sources  $6,806,204
Carry-Forward from Prior Year  $2,400,000
Total Available Resources  $322,405,263


Allocation of Resources by Administration Area

Administrative Area Amount
Academic Affairs  $182,878,417
Administration & Finance  $44,746,012
Office of the President  $3,488,552
Student Affairs & Enrollment Management  $20,270,028
University Advancement  $7,242,331
University-Wide  $63,779,923
Total Allocation of Resources  $322,405,263


Last Update: October 2014


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