Labor Cost Distribution (LCD)

In the Human Resources Management System (officially called HCM or Human Capital Management), organizational entities on campus are identified by Department ID rather than Agency and Reporting Unit. As part of this, all employees are paid out of one payroll agency, which is General Fund Agency 255 at SFSU. Labor Cost Distribution (commonly called LCD) is the functionality in HCM which distributes salary and benefit costs to the proper funding source in the Common Financial System (commonly called CFS).


The LCD functionality, which is maintained by the Budget Administration & Operations Office, is achieved in HCM through the use of a department budget table and account codes in the LCD module, along with some additional distribution logic, engineer the process. The labor distribution results from this LCD process are then exported into CFS as summary line item expenditures.


The benefits of Labor Cost Distribution are that most employees who are funded from different sources receive one paycheck, more detailed reporting can be obtained, labor expenses can be distributed by a group of employees, and there is greater integration with CFS. In addition, unlike the previous legacy systems, employee salary and benefit detail is available to campus users from HCM and LCD.


Since the requirements for protecting confidential employee data are increasingly in the limelight due to California government code and other regulations, it is extremely important that a campus department or division carefully determines who will be able to see confidential employee data. It is recommended that no more than one or two people in an area are authorized to have confidential employee data access. To be authorized to have access to LCD data, you will need to complete and submit an Access Request for LCD form (PDF).


Authorized LCD users may obtain instructions on running and viewing LCD reports(link is external) as follows:


Effective today, April 20, 2020, we have implemented a process to submit Labor Cost Distribution Change Requests via DocuSign*. There are two templates:

You can click on the links above to take you directly to the template in DocuSign once you login. You can also get to the above templates by going directly to DocuSign, (link is external) and once logged in, click Template. On the left hand side, under Shared folders, select Budget Administration and Operations folder and you will see both templates listed.

screen capture of DocuSign, Budget Administration and Operations, Labor Cost Distribution Templates

* -- All individuals including approvers and department contacts will need to have a DocuSign account for this process. If you do not have a DocuSign account, please go to DocuSign and setup your account. Click HERE for instruction for creating your DocuSign account (PDF).


Questions on Labor Cost Distribution should be directed to Jack Mao✉(link sends email), Tiffany Cheung✉(link sends email) or Nikkie Guevarra✉(link sends email).




Adobe Reader is required for viewing and printing the Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. Please download Adobe Reader(link is external)

Disclaimer:  If you have accessibility issues with the PDF or word forms, please contact the Budget Office at X81463 or 415-338-1463.