Budget Process

Budget Planning Cycle

The University Budget Planning Cycle activities are tied to the budget processes of the CSU system and Governor. The graphic below depicts how these three decision processes build on one another to culminate in the campus budget.

FY2020–21 SF State University Budget Timeline

FY2021–21 SF State University Budget Timeline

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Fiscal Year 202021

Budget Development

Budget Planning







Publish Assumptions, Guidelines and Instructions

February 12th

Academic Resources

Budget Manual
Budget Assumptions
SF_PBCS Budget Planning Instructions


HRMS Roster upload in SF_PBCS

1-2 days
February 12th


Upload of HRMS Roster in SF_PBCS in preparation for budget

Continually during the budget process

Training and Q&A sessions

Feb to May


These sessions will provide training on the FY20-21 budget process in SF_PBCS, as well clarifications on specific questions that campus units will address.


Planning Units Budget Development

9 weeks

Planning Units develop the budget and forecast

Units review, update, and present budgets to Dean/VP for approval. Dean/VP is ultimately responsible for ensuring the consolidated cabinet/division budget in SF_PBCS and the accuracy of submission, related to units’ strategy and goals.

Second week in May

Budget Due in SF_PBCS

May 15th

(Planning Units)

FY20-21 Operating Budget Planner Submission due in SF_PBCS


Base Budget Reviewed

2-3 weeks


Reviews submitted materials; follow-up with questions to Cabinets


Meeting with the President and CFO

By June 15th

Planning Units Business Managers and VPs meet with CFO and President

VPs will present their budget plan for President’s review and approval. The process of new initiative requests at the cabinet level.


Budget Decision Meetings

July 1st


Decisions will be entered into SF_PBCS and FY20-21 Operating Budgets will be finalized. Upload the base budget by July 1, 2020 in CFS system.


Multi-Year Plan template

1 weeks after accounting month is close


Multi-Year Plan template for GF units (CY budget plan plus 2 years  Forecasted plan) and for Self-Supported Operations (CY budget plan and 4 years forecasted plan)


Multi-Year Plan Template due

2 weeks
No later than July 31st


Multi-Year budget template, narrative template, and reserve and carryforward planning



SF_PBCS, SF State's financial planning and analysis tool, supports our efforts to align resources to strategy. The goal is to provide transparency into financial plans and actuals at all levels of the institution that will enable multi-year, strategic decision-making within and across campus constituents. To learn more about our cloub-based solution, click HERE to visit our SF_PBCS page.

Policies & Procedures

For information regarding Budget Scenarios and Budget Transfers, Fund Sources and Expenditures Guidelines, and other directives, click HERE to visit our Policies & Procedures page,

Cost Recovery

For the Campus Operations Cost Allocation Plan for the Auxiliary Enterprises and related documentation, click HERE to visit our Cost Recovery page,

Financial Oversight

CSU policy -- and sound business practices -- require the campus to perform timely, financial reviews to inform campus decision-makers of conditions affecting our campus budget and financial performance. Each Fiscal Year we will conduct periodic financial reviews, typically in Fall, Winter, and Spring. For more information regarding the financial review, click HERE to visit our Financial Oversight page.

Labor Cost Distribution

In the Human Resources Management System, organizational entities on campus are identified by Department ID rather than Agency and Reporting Unit. As part of the payroll process, all employees are paid out of one payroll agency, a General Fund Agency 255 at SF State. Labor Cost Distribution is the functionality in HCM which distributes salary and benefit costs to the proper funding source in the Common Financial System. To learn more about this process, click HERE to visit our Labor Cost Distribution page.


For Capital Project, Carry-forward Balances, Lottery Year-End Reporting Forms, Budget, and Labor Cost Distribution forms click HERE to visit our Forms page.




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