A Message from Ron Cortez, VP and CFO, Administration and Finance

Ron Cortez Photo

“It is my hope that this book provides insight into the capital planning and improvement process of SF State.”

I am pleased to present the proposed Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan Program for Fiscal Years 2016/17 through 2021/22 (CIP), including the proposed Capital Budget for FY 2016/17. The CIP is a short-range plan, usually four to 10 years, which identifies projects intended to implement campus plans, facilities plans, and the Master Plan.

The SF State campus has one of the oldest building stocks of all CSU campuses, and this five-year plan begins to address updating the campus in the critical areas of life and safety, new facilities, and modernization. Since the CIP includes estimates of all capital needs, it provides the basis for setting priorities, reviewing schedules, developing funding policies for proposed improvements, monitoring and evaluating the progress of capital projects, and informing the public of projected capital improvements and unfunded needs.

Projects included in the CIP are non-recurring, have a long service life, are generally over $50,000 and will be under-way during FY 2016/17 through 2021/22. Although the CIP covers a five-year planning period, it is updated annually to reflect ongoing changes as new projects are added, existing projects are modified, and completed projects are removed from the program document.

The Year One – 2016/17 CIP contains 112 projects, including 55 projects that are new this year. Of this total, 100 projects are fully funded and 12 are partially funded (a funded project is one that has identified specific funding to implement the program. An unfunded project is one that has been identified in the CIP as a need, but has no funding secured to implement the program). The full five-year program is summarized according to funding status. Of the Campus’ $762 million five-year need, $88 million or 12% is funded. This document includes project details for the major projects, capital budget process, schedule, and glossary of funding sources.


Ronald S. Cortez
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Administration and Finance