Budget Plan Summary 2013/14


General Fund Summary
Budget Plan Summary 2013/14
by Allocation of Resources



Sources of Funds Amount
General Fund Allocation $120,275,359
Tuition Fees $150,000,000
Nonresident Tuition $15,800,000
Application Fee $1,800,000
Continuing Education Summer and Academic Year Support $7,084,641
Reimbursed Release Time $3,148,784
Federal Workstudy and Insurance Reimbursements $1,699,645
Other Fees and Sources $5,576,215
Total Available Resources $305,384,644




Allocation of Resources by Administrative Area


Administrative Area Amount
Academic Affairs $177,265,659
Administration and Finance $52,107,313
Office of the President $3,464,825
Student Affairs/Enrollment Management $66,524,902
University Advancement $6,021,945
Total Allocation of Resources $305,384,644


Last Update: August 2013


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